Most dangerous dog list



While Malamutes look fluffy and cuddly on the surface , they’re incredibly dangerous too, very similar to many adorable creatures are. Malamutes are helpful sled dogs and therefore the breed is additionally the official dog of Alaska. Their intimidating stature is enough to daunt the faint of heart, also as smaller animals, but you’ll bet that the dog can hunt you right down to without stopping .


Malamutes also are known for having a high prey drive, and this suggests that they don’t follow smaller animals on the daily, which proves bad for us humans. The last recorded attacks from Malamutes were from 1966 to 1980, and within those years, there have been 5 recorded fatal attacks. Lucky for you if you manage to have and properly train one, but we actually can’t make certain ,

6-Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are usually known for being police dogs, loyal companions of law enforcers. But that isn’t as common today as more breeds are capable of doing what they are doing . a touch less dangerous than the opposite dangerous dog breeds on this list, but still fearsome generally .


These canines only tend to be very aggressive towards strangers than people they’re conversant in , like their owners. There has only been one reported incident of an attack. which was back in 2011, when a Doberman killed its owner, an elderly woman.




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