3. Fight acne: banana peels for face

You can also use banana peels for skin like acne treatment; banana peels are rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial for your skin.
They contain vitamin C vitamin E , iron potassium and zinc; these nutrients can fight acne and reduce skin inflammation.

They also help in restoring your skin’s natural glow.
To use this banana skin benefit, just use the banana skin on the affected skin and leave it for five to 10 minutes, then rinse with water, repeat daily to watch the simplest results.

It’s important to notice that these home remedies for skin care can take time and gradually show results don’t expect to witness a change overnight.

4. Reduce wrinkles: banana skin

In the 21 century, everyone wants to remain young, but since everyone can afford the cosmetic surgery lasers and every one the opposite scientific methods, the natural way for you to seem younger .

You get facial wrinkles from the skin loses its elasticity and loses its firmness, the anti-oxidant and vitamin C in bananas can help reduce the looks of wrinkles.

First, prepare your skin: use a light cleanser to urge obviate the oil entered on your skin; don’t scrub! it’ll be harsh on your skin, especially if you’ve got acne.

Now take a right banana and cut its peel into chunks and rubbed the inner part on to your skin for 10 to fifteen minutes during a circular motion, keep a check if the peel is popping black from the within , if that’s the case it means the people got to get replaced now.

banana peel compost.

Now, let your skin absorb all the moisture for a minimum of 4 to five hours, you’ll do that before you attend sleep, in order that stays on your face overnight, then rinse with cold water do that daily for best results.




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