How To Change your Habit in 30 Days??


3-Replace the bad habit with a good habit:

The third hack is to replace the identified habitstop smoking, then he can chew gum if it gives him some pleasure. Then the bad habit can be replaced by gum; but if not, then you can try another habit and keep on trying different things until one gives you the same satisfaction.

4- Keep your willpower and motivation high:

The purpose or why behind what you do is your motivation – in this case, it is behind the new habit you want. Motivation has different levels or layers with different strengths in each level or layer. Think of it as condensed circles. The circles like an onion in circles.

The outer layer is your big ‘why’ or motivating purpose. Say you need to build some health and fitness Say you need to build some health and fitness habits: the big motivation of the outer layer is to be healthier and fitter as it makes you feel better, gives you more energy, gets you the most out of life, allows you to look better, all of which make you a happier person with stronger relationships.

Willpower is the power to put the will into action: to control what you are doing and to restrain yourself. But the thing about will power is that you only have so much of it, and it’s hard to rely on it when it runs out – because you are tired, hungry, or sad.

That’s why you can wake up with a lot of willpower and good intentions, but it’s harder to practice your will by evening.




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