Most affectionate Dogs Breed


Dog affection: False readings

These are signs that may match those described above, but do not necessarily mean that your dog has connected with you. These signs include licking the face (very often, your dog has found something tasty on your cheeks or lips) and jumping (sometimes a dog does this to assert its dominance).

Dog affection: Jealousy

Specific studies have been carried out over the years to determine the loving nature of dogs. Over time, various theories about dog jealousy have been put forward. The great evolutionist Charles Darwin even noted how a dog can manifest a form of jealousy when its owner has paid more attention to another creature.

“Many people have assumed that jealousy is a social construct of human beings,” Professor Harris told the Telegraph. Or that it is an emotion specifically related to sexual and romantic relations.

“Our results challenge these ideas, showing that animals, apart from us, show great distress whenever a rival usurps the affection of a loved one.”

Harris goes on to explain that in her research, she has discovered that dogs are twice as likely to physically sting their owner when he talks to a dog rather than a bucket!”




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