Most affectionate Dogs Breed


What is Dog affection?

To classify dogs in order of affection, we must first decide how dogs show their affection. Fortunately, some of the signs of canine affection are easy to spot:

-If a dog loves you, it will want to be in the same room as you otherwise, he will run away!

-Similarly, if a dog curls up next to you, it feels comfortable in your presence.

Here are five other signs of what behavioralists consider evidence of a dog’s affection for its owner:

1-Jumping: an instinctive behavior of the bound pack

2-Licking: Your dog can groom your “fur” if he considers you an ally

3-Playing: The fact that a dog wants to play with you is a sign of his sense of security

4-The shadow: the wolf’s instinct manifests itself in the pack’s habit of following each other

5-The wagging tail: a dog’s straight, wiggling tail is a sign of its happiness

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