9 Dog can handle Cat perfectly



Beagles are the origin of hunting dogs that are bred to live and work in large groups. That’s why they consider cats to be ‘colleagues’. They don’t like to be alone either.


Have beagles socialize with cats and other dogs as quickly as possible. Preferably when they are still puppies! Oh yes, beagles can howl. So if your cat is startled by loud noises, it might not be the best combination.

5-Pug dog

This dog enjoys all the love he receives and likes to lie down and do nothing. Pretty similar to cats!


This breed benefits from other animals with which it can play and sleep. So if you have a loving cat, a pug might be the best choice for you.

6-Cavalier Charles Horsespa

 These types of dogs are very easy to treat. Do you have a cat that plays the role of the owner a lot, no problem? This spaniel simply fits. They are incredibly affectionate and adaptable animals.

They give you a lot of love and can easily change environment and lifestyle. A good advice: by raising them at the same time, they create a better bond of brotherhood.




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