9 Dog can handle Cat perfectly


1-Basset dog

These long, hanging faces are stubborn and usually difficult to train. But maybe it’s the golden combination between these dogs and cats.

Dog cat love

Cats are exactly the same. The Basset Hounds are gentle and friendly and are (just like cats) ready to snuggle up to you for a good and long nap. This breed of dog is therefore a good choice if you already have an adult cat.

2-Golden Retriever

These dogs are easy to train, always relaxed and get along well with children and other pets. But it’s a good idea to let your cat know about the golden retriever before the puppy is four months old.

Dog love cat

Both parties must learn to live together when the dog is still small. The cat does not feel attacked immediately. The dog also feels comfortable with the cat from an early age.

3-Bichon Frize

Small dogs generally get along well with cats. In this case, it could even mean that their feline roommates are outdoing each other. But this is not a problem for this active and cuddly dog.


They are playful, curious, but also need long periods of relaxation. The same is true for most cats. Moreover, this breed of dog does not like to be left alone. In this case, a roommate is very helpful.

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